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​​Personally Yours Salon
2328 Apalachee Pkwy * Tallahassee, FL  32301

Sun, Wed-Fri, 9am-6pm

By Appointment Only


​​Personally Yours Salon
2328 Apalachee Pkwy * Tallahassee, FL  32301

Sun, Wed-Fri, 9am-6pm
By Appointment Only

Kym Dudley
​​Tallahassee Hair Stylist

Do you service children?

I service ages 16 and up.

  How do I book an appointment?  
Book your appointment by clicking on "Book an appointment" above.

Do you take walk-ins?

In order to continue delivering quality service and to remain deservingly attentive to every client, I do not accept walk-ins.  I accept appointments Sunday through Friday, from 9am to 4pm.

I tried to book, but it won't let me book the time I wanted.  Can I call or email you?
No.  Your desired appointment time is unavailable.  It's best to book 2 weeks in advance to ensure you secure your most desired appointment time.  

I have some questions about my hair. Can you help me?

Yes. Click "Book an appointment" above and book a consultation.

What is a blowout?

The new age silk press with more movement and lighter products!  The result is temporarily straightened hair full of body with no buildup or greasy residue.

How long does a blowout last?

As long as the hair doesn't come in contact with sweat, rain, or shower steam, a blowout typically lasts 2 weeks depending on your lifestyle and care.

​​How long have you been doing hair?

I think a more fitting question would be "what have I mastered?"  The answer? Maintaining the integrity of the hair during vigorous services, such as the application of heat (via blowouts), color (which penetrates the hair shaft), and sew-ins (which require mild tension.)

Do you sell hair and closures?

Yes, I sell virgin bundles and lace closures in Brazilian and Peruvian origins in straight, body wave, and deep wave. 

Do you color bundles?

Yes and no.  To maintain control of the results, I only color hair that I sell.